Destination Travels That Pique My Interests

There are at least three travel destinations to other countries that not only peak but hold my interests.   One such place is Brazil.  I’m passionate about coffee and related products in the coffee industry. So, since they are one of the ten highest importers per US ton of coffee beans, I think Brazil would be a good place to start.  Another destination country would be Paris or Italy for their ambiance.  My son traveled to Paris when he was enrolled in culinary school. While there, he noticed that Parisian’s often times take a break in the middle of the day from their jobs. So cool!


” The French are serious about eating. Nowhere is this more evident than at lunchtime, when the entire nation sits down for a proper meal (the biggest and most important meal of the day). Over 95% of French people do this. Stores and doctor’s offices close. No one answers the phone. The mid-day meal is sacred.  Why so long? Lunch is sucafe-in-parispposed to represent up to half of daily caloric intake, so eat big meals at midday rather than in the evening. Plus, the French believe that eating slowly is an essential part of eating properly.”

{The Huffington Post BBC/ bon appetit}



venice-italyVENICE, ITALY

This scenic view is known for it’s  ambiance and textured view.






Ethiopia is the fifth largest coffee producing countries, importing 423,287 US tons of coffee beans. The Italian occupation of Ethiopia ended in 1941 during World War II as part of the East African Campaign.

The Blue Nile





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